Project Planet: Earth vs. Humanity

Project Planet: Earth vs. Humanity



Project Overview


Project Planet is a multiplayer strategy title about saving the world…or ending it. With a decided launch date of late September 2023, the game’s development team approached Starfall PR a mere 2 months before launch in need of press coverage and Steam wishlists. Within those 2 months, Starfall released two press announcements, organized a successful influencer campaign, and earned national radio coverage in the Netherlands, where Project Planet was developed. With Starfall’s guidance, Project Planet was featured on Steam’s “Popular & Upcoming” list and saw successful launch numbers.



The Task


  • Discuss strategy for a 2-month PR engagement
  • Draft and distribute two press releases to game journals, earning Tier 1 coverage for a combined UMV of 100M
  • Pitch and organize interviews, both domestically and internationally; Starfall provided media training in preparation
  • Oversee a successful influencer campaign and distribute rewards in a timely manner
  • Grow wishlist numbers to increase Steam visibility



The Results


Project Planet launched with notable success, garnering 1,000 stream hours in its first week and earning the attention of sites like Gaming Bible, Niche Gamer, and Try Hard Guides. Thanks to Starfall, the developers’ interview spotlight on national radio and successful influencer campaign earned the attention of pro and casual gamers alike.



“…a combination of the teamwork of Among Us, the survival of Plague Inc, and the party antics of Jackbox Party Pack. Basically, there’s a lot going on. And in this instance, it’s a good thing.” Gaming Bible


“The easy accessibility for multiple players and the abundance of cutscenes make it a great game to experience with a group” Try Hard Guides

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