Public Relations

What we do isn’t magic—we just make it look that way.

Start-ups targeting disruption. Established brands eyeing sustainable longevity. No matter where your brand sits on that spectrum, you’ll need to earn that reach. Starfall PR approaches all of our relationships with equal parts scalable strategy, focused creativity—and boundless zeal. Add to that our unique pathways to success and you have a recipe for success.

Media Relations

Grabbing attention from journalists isn’t enough. You must grab the right kinds of attention from the right journalists. Starfall PR will find the best media outlets and pitch your product with precision. We’ll making your game irresistible to them—and impossible to ignore.

Earned Media Placement

Secure earned media placements on the channels that matter most to you. Whether that’s TV, podcasts, digital and print media, or radio, Starfall PR has nurtured relationships across all media verticals.

Trust Management

Consumers have the power. In our hyper-connected, multi-screen world, consumers demand more from the brands they buy from. Their trust must be earned. And it doesn’t stop there—you’ll need to keep their trust. We’ll help you guide the community discourse and narrative around your brand/product and monitor your reputation.

Influencer Partnerships

Twitch streamers, Youtubers, TikTokers and other content creators have a finger on the pulse of enthusiastic gamers. Starfall PR’s connections with a diverse influencer market will cut through the noise and secure the perfect collab to boost awareness and engagement. We’ll help align the creators with the right following to your game.

Media Coaching

Nervous about speaking with journalists or talk shows? Unsure how you’ll stay cool, calm and collected during a crisis? Don’t be. Beyond regurgitating buzzwords, our media training will help you—or your spokesperson—sharpen your messaging through prep and practice. Should crisis hit, our coaching will help you contain it.

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