Strategic Planning

Strategy is how your game will find your audience. More importantly, it’s how we’ll turn a casual onlooker into an eager supporter on their way to becoming a brand champion. You’ll get the results you want—and the results you need—because we cultivated lasting relationships built for success, and connect with only the best social, digital and international media teams around.

Breath to Vision

Life starts with a breath. Starfall PR will breathe life to our strategies through thoughtful collaboration with game developers, publishers and stakeholders. We’ll craft powerful content and shape compelling narratives that aligns the audience to your brand’s story and your game’s narrative.

Research & Recon

No tactical planning is complete without a thorough understanding of your audience, the competition and the industry itself. After thorough analysis, we’ll zero-in on the perfect media opportunities to secure prominent headlines and dominate the news cycle. More importantly, our laser-focused strategy will be completely modular and effortlessly adaptable so you can remain agile.

Message Blueprinting

What is the game’s message and tone? What media tactics will work best? Which source can best expand your reach? Starfall PR will build a compelling messaging hierarchy, from packaging news for press to identifying and securing useful partnerships with other creatives that will keep audiences talking about you, your brand and your game.

M.E.A.T. Goals

You have the bones of your strategy—now you need to put some M.E.A.T. on those bones. You do that by setting real, quantifiable goals that are Measurable. Executable. Achievable. Timely. You’ll know exactly what goals we’re aiming for and when we reach them.

Equally important, you’ll have the flexibility to adapt your strategy when needed, and the agility to stay on-course.

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