Event Marketing

Craft experiences. Create memories. Foster loyalty.
(It really is that simple.)

Event trends change constantly. One thing stays the same: the audience’s need for emotional connection. Experiential campaigns are the best, most direct path to creating multi-channel sharable moments with lasting impressions. Collaborative gameplay demos. Tradeshows. Interactive booth spaces. Festival sponsorships. We don’t limit what the experiential connection can be, because it can be anything—except boring.

Experiential Creation

Conceptualize memorable events that puts your game in the spotlight. Build purposeful events that showcase your brand and embody the essence of your game. Capture the attention you need to catapult your game into the stratosphere.

Event Logistics

Align the event requirements with venue capabilities. Detail necessary onsite technology. Map out signage and coordinate communications. Every event is unique. We’ll develop a comprehensive event framework built specifically for your event. More importantly, we can be there with all the way.

Sponsorship & Vendor Outreach

Connect with and secure other brands and organizations for sponsorship opportunities to round out your event’s experience. Coordinate vendor “bump ins” and manage expectations.

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