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Pieter excels in many areas of marketing and communications, with PR just one of those. He has a strong understanding of the digital space and social media platforms — and is definitely 1UP’s resident esports aficionado. He is a solid campaign manager and tends to offer up ideas outside the confines of public relations work. He is hugely competitive and ‘sweats’ games almost as much as he does games campaigns!

1UP – Gary Burns
Founder & CEO

Engaging with Starfall PR for ChampionShift — our debut PC title — has been remarkably smooth and effective. Pieter and his crew deftly meld professionalism with genuine enthusiasm, consistently going the extra mile. While ChampionShift is still forging its path, the robust groundwork set by Starfall PR instills confidence. Their steadfast dedication isn’t just seen; it’s felt, making them an integral partner in our project.

SRG Studios – Michael López

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