Product Launches

You Only Get One Shot. Make It a Bullseye.

It’s time to launch your game. The only option is a bullseye. We get it, because we’ve done it. We’ll do it again—for you.

Launch Strategy

Strategy is an ongoing process, and it’s equally important during a product launch. We’ll identify media contacts, celebrities, and other content creators that will spread the word.

Beta Testing

Our team of seasoned pros can dig deep into your game’s mechanics, story and actual-play to help identify—and squash—bugs that might have been missed during the development stage.

Positioning & Messaging

From press releases to social media content, your launch needs to grab the attention of journalists, editors, bloggers and the general public. We’ll make sure it does.

Engage Your Audience with the Right PR Strategies

Once you have an amazing game, launching it is the next step. But the market is well known for being overcrowded. So how can you stand out with so much competition? Our expert PR team can help you reach your ideal audience. Before you launch a new game, you need to know how to engage with gamers. People buy a story. When gamers are excited about the story, selling a game becomes easier.

Our approach is also driven by data. Rather than going for one-size-fits-all, our strategies are personalized to each individual brand, so they are truly unique. This makes them more effective, as we build long-lasting relationships with fans, journalists, content creators, and influencers. We also organize launch events and trade shows, as well as using a variety of other tools to boost publicity.

Bespoke Marketing Plans that Fit Your Brand

When it comes to creating the best introduction for your brand, a unique game launch is a must. Starfall PR was founded by gamers. Over time, we’ve learnt how to approach marketing for new games and can help you with every area of the initiation, including event planning, developing a PR strategy, building relationships with online influencers, and developing a strong community of fans.

We can create execute a bespoke plan for your gaming brand. From start to finish, we will be there to improve the strategy with ongoing testing and improvements, as well as maintaining media relations.

Let's get to work

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