How can a PR agency help my indie game?


You’re putting the finishing touches on a game you’ve worked tirelessly on for years. Between your game’s art style, narrative beats, mechanics, and replayability, you’re confident it will land well with your audience. The question is, however, where is your audience? How do you reach them? If you reach them, how do you convince them your game is worth buying over others? 

PR agencies specialize in individualized marketing campaigns, influencer coordination, project and event management, and anything else that will bring attention to your game. If you’re worrying over how to sell your game–and how to get it reviewed–then it’s time to consider partnering with a PR agency. 

Knowing what they can provide your brand is helpful when investing in a PR agency. 

Access to a network of journalists, influencers, and industry professionals

One of the most valuable promotional strategies is content creation. A feature on the homepage of a renowned tech journal or a viral clip of a popular streamer playing your game can launch it onto the charts overnight. Sponsorship opportunities are available for every budget, genre, and audience, although they can be time-consuming and difficult to land. PR agencies have spent years growing relationships with content creators and journalists to share their client’s work. Partnering with an agency means you’ll have access to these relationships and significantly increase the likelihood of your work getting seen. 

Trust the experts

Making a video game is difficult; marketing a video game can feel like another beast. While you dedicate hours to developing a game, it can be challenging to find time to promote it; where do you even start? Journalists and PR coordinators ask themselves the same question when it comes to creating a video game, which is why they turn to you, the developer, for the next great game. Developers are mechanics experts, so let an agency be the marketing experts. PR agencies create their brand around successful promotion, curating creative opportunists from diverse industries to bring fresh ideas to your game’s advertising. Agencies have access to an extensive network of professional contacts, paid-for databases to monitor press coverage, and in-depth knowledge of SEO and ASO to maximize viewership. They’ll take care of the business side so you can focus on your art. 

Take advantage of project and time management

Our recent blog discussed the value of video game events, conventions, and festivals as exciting opportunities to meet your players and receive real-time feedback. Organizing and staffing these events, however, is less compelling. Thankfully, PR agencies provide the project management expertise to prepare your game for these events. Securing a booth space, arranging tech rentals, and staffing your space are ways we help our clients tackle in-person opportunities. Of course, the developer’s presence is always appreciated; however, we’ll gladly take over if you find yourself without the time. Your dedication to your craft shouldn’t exclude you from unique opportunities to connect with your audience! 

Developing your own game is an accomplishment to be celebrated; it deserves to be shared with the awaiting audiences eager to explore your new world. You deserve to interact with these audiences, update your game and look forward to future projects, not stress over securing influencer sponsorships or a feature article. Consider partnering with a PR agency to take some of the work off your plate so you can focus on what matters. We’re here to help!

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