(More) Ways to Market Your Indie!

Didn’t know about these? That’s okay, it’s what we’re here for!

Indie marketing guides are available everywhere on the internet.; rightly so, as they offer strategies for getting your game known. Effective video game marketing includes connecting with game journalists and content creators, social media promotion, and launching a demo of your game. There are, however, some less conventional marketing techniques, and if you find yourself looking to reach different audiences, it’s worth trying these. 


Podcasts categorize under social media; however, they are a less referenced medium. Compared to skimming an article or watching a short video, podcasts require significant time from listeners. However, the return value of podcasts is high. It will expose you to a new audience, and podcasts also grant you more time to talk about your game’s development process. Instead of a one-paragraph quote in a journal feature or a brief mention on social media, audio formats give you anywhere between five and forty-five minutes to pitch your game. Not only is it an effective marketing strategy for your game, but it’s a great way to build your personal brand.

Establishing a Personal Brand

On the topic of personal branding, this is as important as your professional brand. Consider a content creator or industry professional you admire; if they released a video game, book, or merchandise collab, would you be inclined to check it out? Of course, because you are already aware of their brand and are more likely to follow their pursuits. The same is true of your video game. Your game’s social media presence is important for exposure, however, your presence can draw in an audience that your game wouldn’t otherwise reach. People like knowing the face behind the content they’re consuming, and indie promotion is the perfect space for this strategy to work.

Independent Anthologies

Everyone wants their game to do well, and a great way to determine that is how many copies it sells on Steam. As an indie, it is important to get your game in as many hands as possible. Websites like itch.o can help with that. Indie anthologies are available on an application basis; users on the platform collect five to ten indie games to feature in an anthology that players can buy for a set price. Although the profit margins are lower than Steam, you’re getting more exposure to a new audience that will follow your other developments in the future. The goal is to create players that will come back to your studio for your next release! Managing these applications and opportunities can be stressful; thankfully we’re here to help!

Digital Indie Festivals

Conventions and events are a great way to market your indie and your studio, however, they can be pricey. Between purchasing travel, a space on the convention floor, and materials for your booth, the cost can add up quickly. Digital festivals and showcases, however, give you the exposure of a convention without the cost. Some of the largest include Steam Next Fest, Indie Live Expo, and Indie Cade, but we’ll help you find others. Events such as the Virtual Indie Booth are smaller, yet occur on a more routine basis and give your game significantly more screen time than some of their larger counterparts. You can show a game trailer or pitch your demo, whatever puts your game’s best foot forward!

Traditional marketing techniques have proven their effectiveness in increasing your game’s exposure. However, as the indie landscape changes, more opportunities to present your game become available. While it’s worth it to stick to the basics, give one or two of the above recommendations a try. You never know what these opportunities will bring. 

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