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Welcome to the launch of Starfall PR! I am thrilled to finally unveil the fruits of my labor and the efforts of everyone who has supported me in bringing this agency to fruition. In this post, I will outline the goals and objectives of Starfall PR, as well as the motivations behind its creation.

Starfall PR was founded with the aim of providing affordable, customized PR services to clients in the gaming, technology, and esports industries. In the US, these services can be costly and out of reach for smaller indie publishers, developers, and startups. Even when a suitable partner is found, the cost of PR can be prohibitively high. Additionally, the agency industry tends to have a high turnover rate, with team members coming and going frequently, especially in the gaming industry.

To address these issues, Starfall PR will prioritize affordability and personalized service. While this may result in lower profit margins on short-term projects, we believe that by delivering exceptional service, our clients will return for future collaborations. At Starfall PR, we are passionate about discovering and promoting indie projects in the gaming, tech, and esports sectors.

Furthermore, at Starfall PR, our employees will be our most valuable asset. Having worked at various agencies and a publishing company, I know firsthand how disruptive and frustrating it can be to bring new people on board mid-project due to staff turnover. To promote employee retention, we will offer “European-style” contracts to our team, including generous paid time off, health benefits, and competitive salaries. Our goal is to create a work environment that our team members will love so much that they never want to leave. By maintaining a stable and dedicated team, we hope to provide our clients with consistent support throughout the duration of their projects.

We believe that by following these core principles, Starfall PR can shake up the agency landscape in the US. If you are interested in working with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I am excited to get started on this journey.


Pieter van Hulst

CEO, Starfall PR

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