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Data-driven. Story-led. Player-first.

People don’t just buy—they connect. And gamers are no different. Leverage data to zero-in on the perfect story that engages and excites your audience. For mobile game promotion to esports, we’ve got you covered.

How We'll Do It

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Tactical planning that includes industry research, competitive recon, thorough analyses and compelling messaging. From packaging to press, we’ll turn casual onlookers into lifelong fans.

  • Breath to Vision
  • Research & Recon
  • Message Blueprinting
  • M.E.A.T. Goals
And many more
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Public Relations

Media and Public Relations

Nurture relationships. Build trust. Guide the narrative. In other words, earn that reach! Deliver your brand’s messaging with precision and secure the tools needed to respond to crises, contain them and minimize their impact.

  • Earned Media Placement
  • Influencer Partnerships
  • Trust Management
  • Media Coaching
And many more
Event Marketing

Event Marketing

People want experiences. So let’s give it to them. In-person, all-digital, or hybrid. Bold, authentic and memorable. Use data-backed guidance from the experts in creating them—from concept to concrete, planning to execution.

  • Experiential Creation
  • Pre-Event Logistics
  • Sponsorship Outreach
And many more
Product Launches

Product Launches

When it’s time to launch your game, Starfall PR will make sure you score nothing short of a bullseye.

  • Launch Strategy
  • Beta Testing
  • Positioning & Messaging
And many more


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Pieter excels in many areas of marketing and communications, with PR just one of those. He has a strong understanding of the digital space and social media platforms — and is definitely 1UP’s resident esports aficionado. He is a solid campaign manager and tends to offer up ideas outside the confines of public relations work. He is hugely competitive and ‘sweats’ games almost as much as he does games campaigns!

1UP – Gary Burns
Founder & CEO

Engaging with Starfall PR for ChampionShift — our debut PC title — has been remarkably smooth and effective. Pieter and his crew deftly meld professionalism with genuine enthusiasm, consistently going the extra mile. While ChampionShift is still forging its path, the robust groundwork set by Starfall PR instills confidence. Their steadfast dedication isn’t just seen; it’s felt, making them an integral partner in our project.

SRG Studios – Michael López

Pieter and Starfall as a whole have been instrumental in the growth of my small game studio. If you’re looking for a partner rather than someone just looking for a gig, you should talk to him.

14 Hours Productions – Matthew Ritter

Unique Strategies For Promoting Your Video Game

Are you looking for the right PR for your video game, promotion strategies, and management of media relations? We offer a personalized service that covers event planning, influencer marketing, community building and more. Whatever you’ve imagined for the future of your video game, we offer a unique and personal approach with our strategies.

We can help with a range of services that help foster strong relationships with relevant influencers, content creators, and publishing organizations, so you can be sure your game reaches the widest possible audience. As experts in the industry, we understand that a one-size fits all approach isn’t enough, so we aim for a fully customized and holistic way to build your brand.

Want to find out more? Keep reading or contact us for more information!

Unlike many other video game advertising agencies, our most important objective is to offer a service that’s unique to each of our client’s needs. We are a gaming and esports PR agency that understands how to get results in the market. With years of experience, our experts are always available to help you meet your goals. We can build a one-of-a-kind PR plan to ensure your game is seen by potential players.

For creators of video games and esports, PR is one of the most important aspects of the process. Without it, you may not get the exposure you’re hoping for, which can lead to slower growth. We hope to address this issue by forming strong relationships and collaborating with others in the industry, as well as creating email and other marketing campaigns to reach your audience.

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