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Besiege: The Splintered Sea

Project Overview

Spiderling Studios is the UK-based developer behind the popular sandbox builder, Besiege. Initially released in early access in 2015, the full game was released in 2020; along the way, multiple updates—including a multiplayer expansion—were added. The studio is dedicated to expanding this castle-smashing, machine-building adventure and interacts closely with its community to hear player feedback.

Besiege’s most recent update, titled The Splintered Sea, is a water-themed expansion three years in the making. With a May 24th release date, Spiderling Studios approached Starfall PR for a two-month campaign launch campaign. In those two months, The Splintered Sea was covered by over 130 outlets, amassing over 500,000 content views and skyrocketing Spiderling onto the home page of multiple Tier 1 game sites.

Yolk Heroes: A Long Tamago

Project Overview

14 Hours Productions is a small US-based developer of retro indie games. Their most recent project, Yolk Heroes: A Long Tamago, is an idle digital pet sim for PC and Mobile, reminiscent of 1990s Tamagotchi.

In May 2023, 14 Hours Productions approached Starfall PR for development guidance and a full launch campaign. Over the course of one year, Starfall PR placed Yolk Heroes in multiple Tier 1 outlets, completed a successful content creator campaign, and provided general guidance on the game’s Steam page and functionality.

Pixel Cafe

Project Overview

Order up! Pixel Cafe is a narrative time manager from Polish developer Baltoro Games, released in November 2023. The development team met with Starfall at Gamescom to discuss their launch strategy, and engagement began shortly after. With 1200 wishlists on Steam and a significant coverage hiatus, Starfall got to work earning Pixel Cafe placements across PC and console sites. Upon release, Pixel Cafe was featured on Steam’s “Popular and Upcoming” page, amassing significant press attention, including Metacritic outlet reviews.

Project Planet: Earth vs. Humanity

Project Overview

Project Planet is a multiplayer strategy title about saving the world…or ending it. With a decided launch date of late September 2023, the game’s development team approached Starfall PR a mere 2 months before launch in need of press coverage and Steam wishlists. Within those 2 months, Starfall released two press announcements, organized a successful influencer campaign, and earned national radio coverage in the Netherlands, where Project Planet was developed. With Starfall’s guidance, Project Planet was featured on Steam’s “Popular & Upcoming” list and saw successful launch numbers.

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